Warranty & Support

This Agreement was last modified on 28 June 2020.

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Here at GalEn Merchandise, we value our customers and understand the need for after-sales support. Unlike other fly-by-night online gadget stores, we stick to our warranty policies. BY PURCHASING AT GALEN MERCHANDISE, YOU AGREE AND ACCEPT THE WARRANTY AND REPAIR POLICIES CLEARLY STATED BELOW.

  • All our technical team members are well equipped, licensed and certified technicians capable of doing everything from assessing conditions, simple software updates to the most difficult tasks.
  • The date of purchase is considered as the first day of warranty claim.
  • Gadgets have life spans and naturally wear and tear over time.
  • Some brands are also sturdier and more well built, while some give up earlier. This also depends on your usage.
  • All sales are final. Unit replacement is not possible due to change of color or product model indecision.
  • Please do not lose the Warranty Slip given to you upon purchase.
  • No warranty slip, no warranty policy applies – this verifies that you bought the item with that specific serial number from us.
  • No technical support for items bought outside of GalEn Merchandise.
  • Always refer to the warranty indicated in the item’s description on the website, not what’s in the box upon purchase.
  • We do not reissue or keep your information from the warranty slip; it is the customer’s duty to store this form in a safe area.


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